November 2008 (Strips 91 - 95)

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Strip 091 :: Sunday 2008-11-02 :: Greyscale version
Strip 091
Yep, we had a visiting preacher who decided to preach on Obadiah.  The whole book.  Good job it's one of those single-chapter books, or it could have been an incredibly long sermon!

Strip 092 :: Sunday 2008-11-09 :: Greyscale version
Strip 092
This one's written from life too - we'd just installed a new machine on our tech desk.  And oh boy, did that thing have teething issues...

Strip 093 :: Sunday 2008-11-16 :: Greyscale version
Strip 093
"The Crisis" sneaks in here again.

Strip 094 :: Sunday 2008-11-23 :: Greyscale version
Strip 094
Interesting question - does that line about "not complaining" really mean what Edwin is taking it to mean?

Strip 095 :: Sunday 2008-11-30 :: Greyscale version
Strip 095
It must have been a very encouraging house group meeting.  That, or the congregation at West Spottlington are just really enthusiastic about life in general.

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