May 2008 (Strips 69 - 72)

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Strip 069 :: Sunday 2008-05-04 :: Greyscale version
Strip 069
The first of several indications that Edwin is a keen gardener.

Strip 070 :: Sunday 2008-05-11 :: Greyscale version :: Colour version
Strip 070
If you've been to any number of church services, there's a good chance you know the kind of hymn I'm on about.
This was the last strip to get a colour version for several months.  I didn't deliberately plan to stop doing colour strips, I just fell out of the habit.

Strip 071 :: Sunday 2008-05-18 :: Greyscale version
Strip 071
This is another of those episodes for which I really don't have a clue where I got the idea.  Also of note: the first mention of West Spottlington Free Church, a stand-in for the general concept of "that other affiliated church in the next town".
And the second panel of this strip is where I got the drawing of Tom that features in the background graphic at the top of all the pages on this site.

Strip 072 :: Sunday 2008-05-25 :: Greyscale version
Strip 072
This was written on a slow half-term weekend.  You could probably tell.

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