Age: mid-late 60s
Occupation: pastor
Home Town / Church: Volesford
Role in Church: see Occupation
First appearance: September 2003
First appearance in Grace and Caffeine: Strip 003 (December 2006)
Total appearances in Grace and Caffeine: 73 strips

Tom is the long-serving pastor of Volesford Free Church, and as such has spent the greater part of his life in spiritual pursuits.  He has long since learned to take Jake's esoteric theological questions with a pinch of salt, but has not been so successful in learning to deal with Jake's other pet, the church computer.

Besides appearing in more Grace and Caffeine strips than any other character (outdoing Edwin and Fred by a margin of 1 episode, and Jake by 2), Tom has had several appearances in different comic-strip projects, and was also the protagonist of a short animated film, Goin' Teapotty (2009).  One of the most consistent characteristics across all of his appearances is his fondness for tea - he embodies the 'grace and caffeine' philosophy perhaps better than any other character in the show.

In early to mid 2009 I considered finishing off the comic with a story arc where Tom got killed off and Volesford Free Church had to deal with the consequences, but by the time I started writing Year 4 in September 2010, I had decided this would be too grim, and instead wrote the Conversion of James McCrane story arc, keeping Tom alive and ending the series on a much happier note.