July 2009 (Strips 126 - 129)

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Strip 126 :: Sunday 2009-07-05 :: Greyscale version
Strip 126
Once again, this strip came out of a combination of real-life events, and my brain looking at things from an odd angle.

Strip 127 :: Sunday 2009-07-12 :: Greyscale version :: Development Sketch
Strip 127
We finally acquired a dishwasher for the YBC kitchen in summer 2009.  The coffee rota instantaneously became a lot less painful.

Strip 128 :: Sunday 2009-07-19 :: Greyscale version :: Development Sketch
Strip 128
Do ducks ever get mentioned in the Bible?  I can't think of any references.  So I can't really comment on the historical accuracy (or not) of this episode.

Strip 129 :: Sunday 2009-07-26 :: Greyscale version
Strip 129
I was going to reference Shine, Jesus, Shine, but I'd already done that in Strip 073, so I spent ages racking my brains in search of another light-themed hymn title to use instead.

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