February 2009 (Strips 104 - 107)

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Strip 104 :: Sunday 2009-02-01 :: Greyscale version :: Colour version :: Development Sketch
Strip 104
I realised one day, out of the blue, that the acronym 'FC' has two very different meanings.  I then wrote a comic strip about it.  Ta-da.

Strip 105 :: Sunday 2009-02-08 :: Greyscale version :: Colour version
Strip 105
We have a 3-dimensional spatial reality here, but how do we know Heaven won't be 7-dimensional, or 10-dimensional, or something?  Completely hypothetical, of course, but a rather intriguing question.  Or at least I think so... maybe that just proves that I'm a geek?

Strip 106 :: Sunday 2009-02-15 :: Greyscale version
Strip 106
Another case of 'decent concept let down by inadequate execution', I think.  I always had an awkward feeling that the artwork was somehow too minimalist, but I've never been able to work out how I would have gone about improving it.

Strip 107 :: Sunday 2009-02-22 :: Greyscale version :: Colour version
Strip 107
It happens every time we have communion - one or two glasses go AWOL.  I've never been able to work out where they hide themselves, but I remain hopeful that someday, someone will finance some proper research into the problem.

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