October 2008 (Strips 87 - 90)

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Strip 087 :: Sunday 2008-10-05 :: Greyscale version
Strip 087
I think a lot of us felt like this when the exhibition week was over.

Strip 088 :: Sunday 2008-10-12 :: Greyscale version
Strip 088
The Northern Rock crisis (as it then was... before it ballooned and became simply "The Crisis") found its way even into my little comic strip in Yateley.

Strip 089 :: Sunday 2008-10-19 :: Greyscale version
Strip 089
Christians (at least the sort that I keep meeting) use the phrase "a time of..." far too often.  Be it "a time of fellowship", "a time of worship", "a time of praise", "a time of prayer", or just "a time of coffee".  In this strip, I finally answered a long-gestating urge to mock the jargon.
For such a simple strip, this one got quite interesting feedback - the comments I had for Strip 089 were far more polarised than they had been for any other episode.
And now for a time of statistics: James makes his second and last pre-Year-4 moustache-less appearance here, and although I didn't know it at the time, this strip marked the half-way point of the project (89 x 2 = 178).

Strip 090 :: Sunday 2008-10-26 :: Greyscale version
Strip 090
After almost two years, the 12-episode Homo Christianus Month by Month series is complete.  I used these 12 strips as the basis for a Grace and Caffeine 2009 calendar shortly afterwards.
I was dead chuffed when I worked out that scripture supports the idea of Mondays not existing in Heaven.  I've never been a Mondays person.

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