November 2007 (Strips 43 - 46)

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Strip 043 :: Sunday 2007-11-04 :: Greyscale version :: Colour version
Strip 043
This one was drawn following the discovery that Reformation Day happens on the same day as Halloween.  It's the first time William and his dad appeared in a finished episode, although they had previously featured in a strip that never got beyond the development sketch stage.

Strip 044 :: Sunday 2007-11-11 :: Greyscale version
Strip 044
I'd almost forgotten I wrote this one.

Strip 045 :: Sunday 2007-11-18 :: Greyscale version :: Development Sketch
Strip 045
Jake's agnostic chum Craig makes the first of a small handful of appearances.
You know the way shops are - they get to about February and decide it's time to start hanging out the Christmas paraphernalia ready for the 25th of December, before everyone's recovered from their post-mince-pie bloating from the previous round of festivities.  I couldn't resist the urge to criticise.

Strip 046 :: Sunday 2007-11-25 :: Greyscale version
Strip 046
I think this one shows a little bit more of a cynical edge, perhaps.  I know rain has its uses, especially from an agricultural or horticultural point of view, but it's still not fun to get caught in it unprepared any time between October and May.

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