July 2007 (Strips 29 - 33)

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Strip 029 :: Sunday 2007-07-01 :: Greyscale version :: Colour version
Strip 029
I did this one to mark the departure of Alan and Freda, who had been actively-involved members of YBC for longer than I had been alive.

Strip 030 :: Sunday 2007-07-08 :: Greyscale version
Strip 030
Another one of my favourites.  I also had more positive feedback from other people for this strip than for any other.  Now, did it go down well because it's making a valuable spiritual point, or was it just because people like how Tom looks in sunglasses?

Strip 031 :: Sunday 2007-07-15 :: Greyscale version
Strip 031
One has to wonder sometimes - is our proliferation of translations and editions really that helpful?
This episode is the first appearance in Grace and Caffeine of James McCrane, a character who was created in 2003 along with Fred, Tom, Edwin and Jake, but somehow managed not to become a regular cast member in this series until the fourth and final year.  He is seen here without the moustache which he usually sports.  No narrative reason - I just forgot it.
The text on the bottom-right corner Bible isn't legible at this resolution, but I think it originally said "Waterproof Camping Bible", and was probably put there as a reference to the Root Hill youth camp which I had been to the previous August.

Strip 032 :: Sunday 2007-07-22 :: Greyscale version
Strip 032
Just for the record: this strip was written on the day that I took my first driving test and flunked it with two major faults and several minors.  I passed second time (two months later) with about five minors.

Strip 033 :: Sunday 2007-07-29 :: Greyscale version :: Development Sketch
Strip 033
Must have been a wet summer to inspire this episode...

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