Q: why did you start writing Grace and Caffeine?

Q: where did (/do?) you get your ideas from?

Q: what sort of answer is that meant to be?

Q: what's with the 'rough draft versions' which some episodes have links to?

Q: some of the rough drafts are very different to the finished comics - why?

Q: are there any episodes which never made it past the rough-draft stage?

Q: how long did it take to create each strip?

Q: was Grace and Caffeine drawn on paper or on a computer?

Q: are any of the characters meant as parallels to, or representations of, real-life people?

Q: how do you decide which episodes to do colour versions of?

Q: why did you stop?

Q: will you ever start again?

Q: is there any Grace and Caffeine merchandise out there, e.g. books, calendars, t-shirts, teatowels, mugs, things like that - like a lot of popular and famous comic strips have?