The roots of the project: while you're here, you might like to have a look at Games Baptists Play - a short-lived precursor to Grace and Caffeine written in 2004.

The making of a cartoon: ever wondered what goes into making these comics?  Well, here's the answer: blood, sweat and tears, and a lot of scribbling.  Lots and lots of scribbling.  Having come up with an idea and worked out the dialogue (which can sometimes take ages), I then print off the frame and title of the comic from Microsoft Word, as a part of the master for the notice sheet, then I pick up my pens (Edding 1800 Profipen pigment ink ones) and start drawing the final version of the cartoon into the printed frame.  That's why I get so protective about my notice sheet masters - they (usually) have the irreplaceable originals of Grace and Caffeine on them.  I know the photocopied versions on the finished notice sheets are theoretically the same, but there's a subtle difference between original and photocopy, and I prefer to keep the originals.  I know I've lost the originals of Strip 002 and Strip 041, but I'm pretty sure I've still got all the rest.

Anyway... on Saturday the 15th of March, I decided to video myself drawing the next day's episode, and make a timelapse clip to post online, so you can get some idea of what the drawing process looks like.  So, without further ado, here's the video:

...and here's the finished cartoon:

Strip 062

I didn't get a massive response to the first video, but I made another one anyway, just because I like them:

...and here's the finished comic strip:

Strip 074