Age: late 40s / early 50s
Occupation: computer systems engineer
Home Town / Church: West Spottlington
Role in Church: deacon; secretary
First appearance: 15 January 2005
First appearance in Grace and Caffeine: Strip 021 (May 2007)
Total appearances in Grace and Caffeine: 10 strips

I originally created Pascal Davis (named after the late-1960s programming language Pascal) in 2005, to star in a series of little one-panel cartoons about my pet peeves in the computing world.  Two-and-a-bit years later, he crossed over into Grace and Caffeine, where he featured in a handful of strips which combined the themes of computers and spirituality.  Personally, I think the most successful of these was Strip 042.

The official reason for Pascal's appearances being so infrequent is that he isn't a Volesford resident/member, but an occasional visitor from the larger nearby town of West Spottlington, making him the only named character in Grace and Caffeine not to be a resident of Volesford.