Age: 30s
Occupation: unknown
Home Town / Church: Volesford (mid-2009 onwards)
Role in Church: n/a
First appearance: September 2003
First appearance in Grace and Caffeine: Strip 031 (July 2007)
Total appearances in Grace and Caffeine: 19 strips

James made his first appearance in the same comic strip as Fred, Tom, Edwin and Jake (then called Ike) in 2003, but somehow ended up not becoming a regular member of the Grace and Caffeine cast, making only two guest appearances (sans his usual moustache, for reasons I can't remember) in the first three years.

However, over the summer of 2009, I decided to bring James into the cast on a more permenant basis, via a storyline following his conversion to Christianity and his assimilation into the fold of Volesford Free Church.  This storyline went on to comprise some 20 episodes, or nearly half of Year 4.  James also regained his moustache in September 2009.