Age: late teens / early 20s
Occupation: student
Home Town / Church: Volesford
Role in Church: tech desk operator; notice sheet editor from mid-2009 onwards
First appearance: September 2003
First appearance in Grace and Caffeine: Strip 001 (December 2006)
Total appearances in Grace and Caffeine: 71 strips

Jake was a recent and enthusiastic convert to Christianity and a newly-added member of Volesford Free Church when Grace and Caffeine began in late 2006.  In his first few years at the church, he joined the tech desk rota, and ended up taking over primary responsibility for maintaining the systems.

Occasionally, Jake managed to drag his atheist friend Craig along to the church, but although Craig did eventually show some sparks of interest, he still showed no signs of conversion after several years of exposure to Jake's enthusiasm.

Jake also developed a particular interest in the book of Revelation, which led to some rather strange conversations with other members of the church.